Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Are Hot in Montclair

There are many different advantages of both buying a new car and buying a used car, which can make it very difficult to choose between a new and a used model when it’s time for you to make your next vehicle purchase. While used cars are generally much more affordable and depreciate in value much more slowly than new vehicle models, new cars come with the benefits of being clean, more reliable, and free of any prior mileage. A Nissan Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) could be the compromise you are looking for. 

For many drivers who are in the market for their next vehicle, certified pre-owned vehicles offer the perfect compromise between new cars and used cars. Certified pre-owned vehicles are used car models, but they have to meet certain standards for safety and quality before they can be advertised as part of an automaker’s certified pre-owned vehicle program. 

You really can’t go wrong with a Nissan CPO vehicle model. You really can’t go wrong with a Nissan CPO vehicle model.

Many major automakers have their own certified pre-owned vehicle programs, but Nissan has a particularly appealing program. Nissan Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles are guaranteed to be safe, reliable, and of the highest quality among used vehicles. You really can’t go wrong with a Nissan CPO vehicle model. 

If you’re located in or around the city of Montclair in San Bernardino County in Southern California, keep reading to learn more about the many advantages of Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that make these CPO vehicles such a hot commodity on the mainstream auto market. 

Low Mileage 

All Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicles must have fewer than 80,000 miles logged on them in order to qualify for Nissan’s CPO vehicle program. This low mileage requirement helps ensure that you can drive your new-to-you vehicle safely for many years and eliminates the worry and wariness many drivers feel when purchasing a used car that already has a high number of miles logged on it. 

In addition to their low mileage, Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicle models must also be less than 6 years old. This means that any Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicle model that you choose is guaranteed to be a fairly new model with modern features.

Thorough Inspection 

In order to qualify for the Nissan CPO vehicle program, a used Nissan model must undergo a 167-point inspection. This process includes inspections of all of the most important parts and systems of the vehicle that is being inspected to make sure that all of these key components are in working order, are not damaged, and are unlikely to fail or malfunction in the foreseeable future. 

This extremely thorough inspection process is performed by certified Nissan technicians and guarantees that every Nissan CPO vehicle model is in top-quality, like-new condition at the time at which it is put up for sale. The full histories of all vehicles that are being considered for the Nissan CPO program are also carefully examined prior to their qualification in order to ensure every vehicle that is sold as a Nissan CPO model has a clean record. 

Roadside Assistance 

A unique benefit of the Nissan Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program is that every Nissan CPO vehicle comes with complimentary Roadside Assistance from Nissan. This means that Nissan CPO vehicle drivers can get access to free services and even towing assistance on the road if their car gets a flat tire, if its battery dies, if it runs out of gas while driving, etc. 

In addition to these services, Nissan’s Roadside Assistance also offers drivers the option to be reimbursed for the cost of any car they have to rent while their Nissan CPO vehicle is being repaired as long as the repair is covered. Nissan CPO vehicle drivers have free access to Roadside Assistance for the entire length of their car’s special warranty. 

Special Warranty 

Many traditional used cars do not come with warranties like new cars do, which is generally considered to be a major disadvantage of purchasing a used car. Nissan CPO vehicles, on the other hand, all come with special warranties that can help put your mind at ease on the road. 

The special warranty that is attached to all Nissan CPO vehicles is a limited powertrain warranty that covers your Nissan CPO model. This limited powertrain warranty is valid for 7 years or 100,000 miles—whichever comes first.

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