Today a customer can go to any new car dealership's Internet Department to own a vehicle & get pretty much the same deal. What separates organizations these days is customer service – How are you treated? What “specials” does the dealership offer? Questions like that...but the bottom line is why should a customer choose to do business with us?

The difference of our Internet Fleet Department is we attempt to set a customer's expectations so we can exceed them every time! We're realists and don't attempt to blow smoke at customers. Here are a few things we offer...

  • Faster Process - Most paperwork can be completed in advance to save you time.
  • Internet exclusive discounts to parts and accessories
  • Internet exclusive discounts to extended service contracts
  • A Full tank of gas on new vehicles
  • Vehicle delivery at home or office to save you even more time!!

We simply get a kick out of making newer vehicle ownership as easy as possible for customers! We enjoy working with customers in getting exactly what they need & want. Therefore, we believe the only non-intelligent question is the one not asked.

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