Why Choose a Nissan EV In Montclair

If you live in Montclair or surrounding areas, you know that buying a car is a big financial decision. Additionally, it is a chance to lead a different lifestyle. Your car is a significant representation of your identity. The type of car you drive says a lot about you and your personality. Cars eventually die and need replacement. It is important to make smart decisions when selecting and purchasing a car. A lot of people make the mistake of only focusing on price. The price is arguably the most significant element. However, most importantly, are you getting a car that suits your needs or one you can afford? If you’re looking to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, consider looking at a Nissan EV in Montclair. An electric vehicle allows you to enjoy a modern driving experience while protecting the environment. Below are reasons why you should consider a Nissan EV, such as a Nissan Leaf.

1. Lower Maintenance Cost

Owing a Nissan EV in Montclair means you don’t have to do regular oil changes and tune-ups. Regular services are limited to checking brake pads, rotating the tires, and other components. Electric cars have fewer moving parts compared to internal combustion engine cars leading to less tear and wear.

Electric cars have their expenses. The highest maintenance cost is on the battery. Just like your mobile phone battery, over time, the battery losses its ability to hold a charge. Nissan EV batteries don’t fade fast. However, it’s important to note you will still be required to do a replacement. Below are ways to increase battery longevity:

  • When parked minimize the exposure to high temperatures
  • Minimize the batteries at 0 to 100% state of charge
  • When storing your EV for a longer time, ensure its not empty or fully charged
  • Avoid using fast charging. Too much current strains your EV battery.

2. Eco-Friendly

EVs emit fewer greenhouse gases than diesel vehicles. Air pollutants emitted during the production and the generation of electricity required for fueling are minimal. Road transport is a major contributor to air pollution in towns and cities.

Eco-Friendly Nissan EV Eco-Friendly Nissan EV

Electric vehicles are quieter compared to conventional vehicles. Therefore, they help with noise pollution creating a more peaceful environment. Due to technology advancements, new techniques are implemented in the battery production process to reduce emissions. Additionally, second-hand batteries can be reused.

3. Electricity is Cheaper than Gasoline

Cost is a major factor when making financial decisions. Electric vehicles are expensive to buy compared to gas cars. However, it is cheaper to drive on electricity compared to gasoline in all states in the US.

It is important to contemplate if you charge from home or a charging station. Although charging from home can be slow, it is cheaper compared to station charging. If you’re charging from a station, consider its accessibility and the miles you drive each day. Charging your car overnight when electricity demand and prices are low can save you some cash.

No matter which state you live in, dumping the pump can increase your savings. Besides, you can go solar and generate your power. Solar power is the greenest way when using an electric vehicle. It is more cost-effective if you’re able to convert both the house and garage to solar power.

4. Smooth Driving Dynamics

Electric cars are very comfortable to drive. All Nissan EVs are automatic and have the comfort of premium cars. Light steering makes it easy to maneuver. They have phone charging ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and air conditioning. The e-Pedal feature allows you to drive with one pedal. Although the thought might be scarily at first to many, you quickly get used to it.

Many models have features such as a high-resolution intelligent display, park assist camera, and automatic wipers and lights. The exterior is stylish and cooler, making it attractive to ride for young drivers. The well-shaped seats make the Nissan EV a comfortable commute vehicle.

Nissan EV battery is placed at the back to allow for more space. Due to the legroom available, adults have no complaints. Nissan Connect infotainment system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It allows you to access the vehicle functions from your mobile phone remotely.

You no longer have to be limited to basic features. Nissan EVs are designed to conserve power and still allow you to listen to music. Although it is not a self-driving car, it offers a cutting-edge Pro-Pilot Assist feature.

The feature requires you to keep your hands on the wheel. It adjusts the speed when approaching traffic and can steer you down the road. Therefore, the feature minimizes your level of fatigue.

Air pollution is associated with adverse health outcomes. Both long-term and short-term exposure can increase the risk of lung and heart diseases. Driving an electric vehicle is a great way to counter these effects. Governmental support and new technology have resulted in many drivers switching to EVs. Therefore, it is now possible to buy a second-hand EV at a cheap price.


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