2022 Nissan Ariya in Montclair Soon?

Getting behind the wheel of the 2022 Nissan Ariya seems to be quite the experience. Its newly designed electric motor managed to hold its own against traditional engines. If you've been waiting for an amazing electric crossover, it appears as if that moment has arrived. With a battery capable of over 200 miles, the new Ariya improves upon tradition in all the best places. Due to rising gas prices and heavy traffic, many eagerly await the Nissan Ariya in Montclair.

Innovative All-Electric Performance

0 to 60 in under 6 seconds, the Ariya's acceleration is among its most prominent features. People don't always have huge expectations, considering its near-silent electric motor. However, Nissan's new Ariya comes with plenty underneath the hood. Not to mention, you've got several options as to its drivetrain.

Available in AWD or FWD:

Nissan's e-4orce four-wheel drive is a new way of envisioning AWD. This system intelligently distributes power where it needs to go. The standard FWD option is still no slouch. Both models give you an amazing feel for the road.

63 kWH Motor:

This 215hp electric motor is a bit less expensive than its more powerful cousin. Putting the pedal to the floor still ought to get you up to 60 mph within 6 seconds. Plus, the extended battery offers over 200 miles worth of range.

87 kWH Motor:

For performance junkies, this 239hp eclectic motor adds even more under the hood. You'll reach 60 mph in as little as 5.7 seconds after slamming it into gear.

Newly-Redesigned Interior

Nissan's Ariya delivers such a classy experience; even the rearview mirror appears luxurious. Regardless of which trim, all of them look phenomenal. The soft-to-the-touch seating ensures everyone rests easy while on the road. Touching the finely crafted steering wheel just feels heavenly.

2022 Nissan Ariya Interior 2022 Nissan Ariya Interior

Dual 12.3 Inch Displays:

Staying in the loop won't be an issue with such a comprehensive infotainment system. Both of these screens provide all the information necessary to make driving easy. Anyone could sit behind the wheel of one of these without worrying.

Supreme Stitching:

Seats like these are not found in cars all that often. You can practically hear the class as you sink into them. Plus, on top of their quality, you've also got several color options. That way, driving your car can be a personal experience.

Superior Technology and Impressive Safety

Technology is at the top of Nissan's priority list, revealing their loft ambitions. We've got to say the collection of new tech in the Ariya seems as though it'll be revolutionary. Check them out yourself to see how things work in action.

Nissan Pro-Pilot:

Above all, the innovative Pro-Pilot system sounds like it's gonna change the game. Nissan Pro-Pilot is a suite of software, meant to deliver an autonomous driving experience. Things such as parking assist and lane shit detection ensure the Ariya never makes a wrong move.

360-Degree Camera System:

Pulling out of the driveway just got far less complicated. This network of cameras provides an all-encompassing view, eliminating any potential blindspots. Your dual-screen infotainment system provides an amazing perspective. Nothing ought to sneak up on you thanks to this.

Built-in 4G:

Staying connected on the road is par for the course. 4G connections come installed with each of these Nissan Ariyas. Wherever you go, you'll hardly ever lose signal.

Elegant Exterior Styling

The Nissan Ariya's exterior styling screams elegance. Anyone looking to make an entrance ought to love driving up to the curb in one of them.

Angular Edges:

Modern style always seems as though it emphasizes hard edges. Against the grain, these edges appear as if they are a bit subtler than most. Car lovers sound like they love the mixed aesthetic. Neither too aggressive nor reserved, these always enthrall the crowd.

A Massive Grille:

Everyone notices the grille as they saunter past the Nissan Ariya. Its chrome finish catches the glint of the light in just the right way. It'll never leave you feeling disappointed.

Slightly-Sloped Contours:

The slope of the chassis isn't as extreme as some of Nissan's other models. The contours lend an interesting effect, making the new Ariya look more like a crossover than other iterations. Taking one of these out for a spin is made even more exciting, thanks to its moonroof.

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