How To Winterize Your Car

Updated in September, 2020.

We have been through tough times and some of our hottest days, recently. We all have hoped to feel Fall and Winter winds around the corner. Looking forward to much cooler times, we were able to share a few things to check when you winterize your car this season.


Lower temperatures have a direct effect on your tires. Cold weather lessens the air pressure in your tires. Low pressure and slicker roads are a dangerous combination. Keep a tire gauge with you so you can properly check and fill your tires.


Having the right mix of antifreeze and water is important as it keeps fluids from freezing in your radiator. Some coolants are pre-mixed while others require mixing before being poured into your vehicle. Another fluid you will need is windshield wiper fluid. Grab a bottle of freeze-resistant wiper fluid to help you stay safe this winter.


nissan-car-battery nissan-car-battery

Your vehicle's battery also takes a hit during the winter. The cold reduces battery capacity. A simple inspection of your battery, terminals, and cables will clue you in on how well your battery will perform this winter.


The cold weather should not stop you from keeping your vehicle well maintained. Be sure to stay up on regular maintenance procedures.

While we hope temperatures are dropping, we also hope you catch some of our prices dropping as well. Start your search online or come give us a visit and ask us any questions you might have on how to Winterize your car.



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