Nissan Brake Pad Replacement Service

Nissan Brake Pad Replacement in Montclair, CA

You need to rely on a properly functioning brake system to feel safe and comfortable driving your Nissan. One of the critical components of the brake system is the brake pads. At Metro Nissan of Montclair, we offer inspection and replacement services for the brake pads. Bring your Nissan to us at Metro Nissan of Montclair, CA, to get brake service from factory-trained technicians. We are only a few miles from Claremont, Ontario, Pomona, and Upland, CA. Please keep reading on this page to find out more about our brake pad service, then give us a call or come into the dealership.


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Brake Pads Replacement Explained at Metro Nissan of Montclair

The brake pads located near the wheels of your vehicle play a vital role in the braking mechanism. The hydraulic pressure forces the brake pads to press on the rotors attached to the wheels when you engage the brakes. The brake pads are made from a unique friction-generating material that stops the brake pads through friction without damaging the brake pads. Over time, this braking mechanism results in the brake pads losing thickness and requiring a replacement service.


When it’s Time to Replace the Brake Pads on Your Nissan

Ideally, the brake pads should be replaced before getting close to their minimum recommended thickness. If the brake pads wear past this point, they won’t function properly. Our technicians at Metro Nissan of Montclair measure the thickness and compare the measurement to manufacturer specifications to assess whether your brake pads need replacement. You should also watch for common signs of faulty or worn-out brakes, such as squeaky noise, soft or spongy brake pedal, or vibrations in the steering wheels when braking.

Nissan OEM Brake Pads at Metro Nissan of Montclair

At Metro Nissan of Montclair, we carry genuine OEM brake pads for all Nissan models, including the Nissan LEAF, Kicks, Rogue, Frontier, and Altima. Using an OEM brake pad makes it quick and easy to pick the correct part as the brake pads are designed to fit and function perfectly with specific Nissan models. The high-quality material used in OEM brake pads results in excellent performance and longevity.

Brake Pad Replacement Service

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Bring your Nissan in for an inspection, and one of our technicians will help you decide if it’s time for new brake pads. Stop by our facility in Montclair, CA, or schedule an appointment online or over the phone to get brake service from Nissan-trained technicians. While your Nissan is getting brake service, you can enjoy reading magazines, watching HDTVs, Wi-Fi, and other amenities at our guest lounge. Metro Nissan is the service center of choice for drivers in the Montclair area.


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