Benefits to Getting Your Nissan Maintenance at a Dealership

Getting your Nissan Maintenance done regularly is an essential part of keeping your vehicle in safe and drivable condition for as long as possible. When you need to get your car serviced, you have two options: you can take your vehicle to an independent auto body shop in your area or to a local car dealership that has an on-site service and parts center. 

Choosing where to get your car serviced when it is in need of routine maintenance or more major repairs can be a difficult decision. There are a multitude of advantages and disadvantages to both taking your car to an auto body shop for service and taking it to an official car dealership that will service it.

check engine light signals it's time for Nissan Maintenance check engine light signals it's time for Nissan Maintenance

When it comes down to it, though, there are generally more benefits to getting your car serviced at a dealership than getting your vehicle serviced at an independent auto body shop. Here are 5 benefits to getting your car serviced at an official car dealership in your area. 

  1. Get More Specialized Service 

Most official car dealerships only service one make of vehicle. All of the technicians at official car dealerships are therefore specially trained to perform general maintenance services, repairs, and part replacements on vehicles of that make. 

Independent auto body shops, on the other hand, generally work on a wide variety of vehicles. This means that the technicians at your local auto body shop might have more knowledge about how to perform service on a broader range of vehicles. 

However, technicians at an official car dealership contracted underneath the overarching brand of your vehicle are able to provide your vehicle with more specialized service using the latest and greatest maintenance and repair techniques for your specific make and model of vehicle. Very few independent auto body shops are able to compete with that level of specialization.

  1. Take Advantage of a State-of-the-Art Facility 

It is no secret that car dealerships’ service and parts centers tend to look a lot better inside and out than local, independent auto body shops. There are many advantages to getting your car serviced at a nearby official car dealership’s state-of-the-art facility. 

The biggest advantage of getting your car serviced at a state-of-the-art dealership facility is that your vehicle will be serviced using the most up-to-date, specialized tools and equipment that are designed specifically for your make and model of vehicle. This is in contrast to local auto body shops, where outdated and non-specialized equipment is common because independent auto body shops do not have as much capital at their disposal as car dealerships that are contracted under major vehicle brands. 

  1. Receive OEM Parts Only 

If you ever need to get a part of your vehicle replaced, take your car to a service and parts center at an official car dealership for the make of your vehicle. Nissan maintenance done at an official car dealership is only authorized to replace vehicle parts with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, whereas many auto body shops utilize third-party parts when they perform part replacements. 

Third-party parts are generally cheaper, of a lower quality, and don’t last as long as OEM parts. Some third-party parts can also worsen your vehicle’s original problem and can even jeopardize the validity of your vehicle’s warranty. Many car dealerships are within their rights to refuse to honor the warranties of vehicles that have been altered using third-party, non-OEM parts. 

  1. Use Your Warranty 

Service and parts centers at official car dealerships allow you to use your vehicle’s warranty to cover certain services. For example, if a certain part has been recalled for your vehicle, your warranty will likely allow your local car dealership to replace the part at no cost to you. Local independently-owned auto body shops, on the other hand, are not required to honor your vehicle’s warranty because the warranty is through the car dealership from which you purchased your vehicle. 

The general Nissan maintenance services, repairs, and part replacements that are covered underneath the umbrella of your vehicle’s warranty depending on the warranty you have. Your local official car dealership will be able to give you a better idea of what exactly your vehicle’s warranty includes and will be able to automatically apply your warranty to the services they perform on your vehicle in order to save you money. 

  1. Maintain Peace of Mind 

One of the biggest advantages of getting your car serviced at a dealership is the ability to maintain your peace of mind while your vehicle is being serviced—whether it’s just getting an oil change or undergoing a major repair or part replacement. Some independent auto body shops provide top-quality service for your vehicle, but it can be difficult to determine which auto body shops in your area are actually reputable. 

The service and parts centers at car dealerships, however, are contracted underneath major vehicle brands to keep customers happy. When you take your car to get serviced at a dealership, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re getting top-quality service at a fair price. The number-one goal of all technicians at car dealerships is to keep customers satisfied in order to keep the vehicle brand under which they operate satisfied with their dealership’s performance—so you can count on top-rate service from virtually any official car dealership.

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