Metro Nissan of Montclair’s Tips for Summer Driving

In the Inland Empire, we are no stranger to heat. Temperatures circle around 100 degrees during the summer months which can take a toll on your vehicle. Here are some tips to save your car and yourself from the summer heat.

Keep an eye on your fluids:

It is always important to keep your eye on your fluid levels. Making sure they are at the appropriate levels can keep your car running stronger and longer. One of the most important levels to check during the summer is your coolant. The last thing you want in the middle of the summer is an overheating engine in the middle of traffic. Of course the motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering, and brake fluid levels are key too so don’t neglect those.

Tire care:

Do you know what is going on in your tires during a hot day? The air inside expands, increasing the pressure. Proper tire maintenance and pressure monitoring can be what stands between you and a blowout on a 105 degree day. This doesn’t mean that your tires can stay underinflated either, an equally risky situation that can result in a flat. Just practice proper tire maintenance and you should be fine.

Air Conditioning:

Don’t forget to take care of yourself when driving in the heat. Make sure that your air conditioning system is working at its full potential so you can stay comfortable and dry this season. When you come in for a service at Metro Nissan of Montclair, we can check your air conditioning to see if it working as it should be.


Heat and batteries don’t mix well and the average engine temperature is around 200 degrees, even hotter during the summer time. Have your battery checked during your next service to be sure that it is performing properly.

Metro Nissan of Montclair wants to remind you to stay cool this summer. Test drive a new Nissan by scheduling your appointment at MetroNissanMontclair.com. Metro Nissan of Montclair, Doing It Right!



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