It's been a big week for Nissan news. First, Nissan showed off a new concept car at the Detroit Auto Show. Known as the Nissan XMotion, this crossover looks straight out of 1990's Total Recall. Hard lines and angles make up the body of the XMotion. The interior boasts a heavy use of red and wooden features reminiscent of Japanese interior design. You might expect a screen in the dash, instead you'll be getting seven screens throughout the vehicle. The best part of this Japanese Zen-Inspired concept car is a fishy new assistant. Similar to Alexa, Nissan's koi fish virtual assistant is said to provide information about your route, adjust temperatures and music. Check out this article from The Verge for a closer look.

The next piece of news is that Nissan has confirmed that 13,000 preorders have been made for their upcoming 2018 Nissan Leaf. This is promising for Nissan's status among electric vehicle manufacturers. The lead Nissan once had for EV sales was dwindling among competitors. Of course Tesla is a huge player in this race with hundreds of thousands of deposits put down for their Model 3. Nissan's list of preorders is definitely reassuring as the electric vehicle has some upgrades compared to the previous model, including a range of 150-200 miles between charges.

The final piece of news from Nissan this week comes out of Saudi Arabia. When a 2017 law was passed allowing women to drive in the country, a push back from conservative members of the kingdom followed. This kind negative reception from fathers, husbands, and brothers dissuaded many women from getting their license. Nissan Middle East is seeking to remedy that with a campaign known as #SheDrives. Nissan ME has released a heartwarming video of a group of women taking their first driving lesson from some instructors they didn't expect. Check out the full video.



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