Nissan is consistently ahead of the curve. They recently revealed an impressive technology straight out of the Jetsons. At a time when driverless cars are dominating the conversation, Nissan is still paying attention to the driver. The tech is known is B2V, that's Brain-to-Vehicle. If you guessed that it means you can drive your car with your mind, you're on the right track. Read Nissan's full statement here.

By using your brain activity, a helmet will translate electronic signals into actions for your car. This doesn't exactly mean that thinking "turn left" will result in a perfect turn. It's more like the helmet knows you are expecting to turn left and will aid the driver in doing so. Ultimately, B2V is meant to increase reaction time and driver comfort.

Nissan also sees an integration of this tech into its autonomous vehicles. According to Nissan, "By detecting and evaluating driver discomfort, artificial intelligence can change the driving configuration or driving style when in autonomous mode." Nissan expects B2V to change the future of driving and rightfully so, in our opinion.

B2V is expected to premier at CES 2018 with a driving simulator. If you get a chance to go and try it out, let us know how it feels. We would love to hear from you.



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