9/25/2017 8:45:32 AM Jessica Qatawi

Recently, Nissan has stated that drivers are choosing "the wrong vehicle color for their personality type." This got us thinking, with so many colors to choose from, what does your color choice say about you? The reasoning behind it goes into color psychology, the idea that certain colors reflect psychological motivations and subliminal feelings.

Black: Black is synonymous with luxury. That is why so many luxury brands, Mercedes, Jaguar, and even limousines showcase this color. The sleek absence of color oozes sophistication.

White: Whiteness is associated with purity and freshness. Many modern companies use it in marketing to appear clean and original, such as Apple.

Silver: Silver's rise in frequency has been tied to its association with technology. A silver car does not stand out nor does it blend in. The silver shine brings up images of bright, exciting new gadgets.

Red: Red is undoubtedly the loudest, most attention-seeking color for a vehicle. There is a reason they are pulled over more than other vehicles. It is aggressive and eye-catching no matter what it is on.

Orange: Much like red, orange is meant to be eye-catching. However, its softer hue is less aggressive. It is seen as being trendy due to its uncommon usage.

Blue: Blue is safe choice for car color. Blue is a cool color, meaning that it evokes feelings of happiness and calm. People choose blue for a good, clean look without falling into a gray scale selection for their vehicle.

So, what color is your car?



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